Discover Magical Maputo


Maputo also boasts the longest suspension bridge in Africa, the beautifully designed Katembe Bridge.

The unmistakable entrepreneurial spirit of Maputo is alive and well in her streets, and in her age-old central market. Here, guests can buy everything from fresh produce, to baskets, curios, clothes and fresh (live) seafood. It’s a wonderful experience.

It’s hard to encapsulate all that Maputo is on a page. This is a city you need to experience for yourself, and the impressions she makes on you will likely last long after you have brushed the soft sand of her endless beaches from between your toes…

The Maputo City Trip costs R 2500 per person (Min. 2 pax). This includes a light packed breakfast. All beverages, meals and entry Visas (when required) are for the guest’s account. (South African citizens don’t need Visas).

Mozambique’s capital, Maputo, can only be described as magical. This city has an energy like no other, and her treasures include stunning beaches, mouth-watering cuisine, an illustrious history, a vibrant cultural immersion, and world-renowned architecture… to name just a few!

Suffice to say, Maputo has something for everyone. This is a city that has not only stood the test of time, defied the ravages of war and natural disasters, but used these adversities to create a stunning identity for herself.

Her architecture bears testament to the many global influences that others have brought to her shores – including two of Sir Eiffel’s designs, and an exceptional railway station that was listed at #7 on News Week’s “Train Stations as Grand as the Journey” list in 2009. Today, this beautiful train station is still in every day use. Other tourist favourites include the stunning Botanical Gardens, the museum, the Iron House, and of course, the Fort.