Are you wild at heart?

As the sun rises over the African Bushveldt and little birds announce a new day with songs of joy, the hyenas call each other home after a long night’s work, and the lions broadcast a last lazy declaration of dominion over their kingdom. Their bellies are full, and the day’s rest is about to begin. But the Pan African Lodge & Safari team are wide awake, because they are on a special mission – to make your Kruger Park adventure one that you will never forget.

Rooms are prepared, and mouth-watering meals are artfully brought into existence for when our guests return from exploring the exciting treasures of Kruger Park with our professional guide. From the BIG 5, to the incredible fauna and flora, you always learn something on safari with our knowledgeable guides. But exciting adventures can be tiring and as the sun sets over the bushveldt, and the lion announces the start of the night shift, our wood fire is lit under the stars. For this is where the centuaries-old tradition of telling stories combines your story with ours. For you are creating memories that will last forever, with people you love… We want to make every priceless moment count – forever.


“Africa – You can see a sunset and believe you have witnessed the Hand of God. You watch the slope lope of a lioness and forget to breathe. You marvel at the tripod of a giraffe bent to water. In Africa, there are iridescent blues on the wings of birds that you do not see anywhere else in nature. In Africa, in the midday heart, you can see blisters in the atmosphere. When you are in Africa, you feel primordial, rocked in the cradle of the world.” ~ Jodi Picoult (Author)